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Tamil Word writer

is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) writing tool for writing with Tamil Script on any application such as word processors (MS Word) or any other place where you want to write in Tamil for further action or processing.

Clicknwrite transfers fully formed Tamil words (WYSIWYG Type) with the click of a mouse to these writing places.

With Clicknwrite word writer you feel as if you are writing with your own hand the natural way. Once set up, any person familiar with Tamil can use it. No English alphabet to think about.
And if you are learning Tamil and not so familiar with Tamil Script, as soon as you slide the mouse over a Tamil alphabet, the pronunciation of the Tamil alphabet in English is shown.

The Clicknwrite word writer replaces the conventional sense of writing with a keyboard. There are two main reasons for these.

(A) With non English complex languages keyboard complicates the matter because of the need of a transliteration code. What it means is one need to have knowledge of English alphabets to write Tamil.

(B) With a keyboard you type (or transfer) one character at a time with the press of a key, with a true word writer you write (or transfer) properly formed one full Tamil word at a time with the click of a mo

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