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Bengali ClicknWrite Example     

 When Bangla Word writer is properly installed, the user gets a screen as shown here . In addition to this, the user opens the application window such as Notepad, an email window or a chat window, anything where one wants the Bangla words to go. For forming any word, start clicking according to the expected pronunciation of the word.  The stored words in the dictionary will appear in the right box.  If you find the required word in the right box, left click on it to select and right click on it to send it to the application package, if not continue clicking till the new word is composed (in the top box) and stored in dictionary for future use. No hidden costs to buy a separate physical keyboard or font. Neither do you need to memorize a keyboard layout. It is a complete writing tool and includes Bangla font and Bangla word dictionary. It's a complete package.

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