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Kannada Word writer

is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) writing tool for writing with Kannada Script on any application such as word processors (MS Word) or any other place where you want to write in Kannada for further action or processing.

Clicknwrite transfers fully formed Kannada words (WYSIWYG Type) with the click of a mouse to these writing places.

With Clicknwrite word writer you feel as if you are writing with your own hand the natural way. Once set up, any person familiar with Kannada can use it. No English alphabet to think about.  And if you are learning Kannada and not so familiar with Kannada Script, as soon as you slide the mouse over a Kannada alphabet, the pronunciation of the Kannada alphabet in English is shown.

The Clicknwrite word writer replaces the conventional sense of writing with a keyboard. There are two main reasons for these.

(A) With non English complex languages keyboard complicates the matter because of the need of a transliteration code. What it means is one need to have knowledge of English alphabets to write Kannada.

(B) With a keyboard you type (or transfer) one character at a time with the press of a key, with a true word writer you write (or transfer) properly formed one full Kannada word at a time with the click of a mo



Key Benefits

  • Write Kannada in Kannada medium, see pronunciation of Kannada characters in Latin scripts
  • Includes Kannada Unicode font and Kannada word dictionary.
  • Compose any Kannada word irrespective of its complexity.
  • Once composed the new word goes in dictionary.
  • Write WORD by word and not letter by letter.
  • Faster than using a keyboard. Built in frequency of use sort.
  • Clicking only two characters on average gets you the word of any length.
  • Compatible with MS Word, Notepad, e-mail, chat etc. You can use any program to manipulate your text.

  • You do not need spell check with this type of word writer.
  • Unique and Internationally Patented pending.
  • All packages include at-least 30 days free trial. If you are not satisfied with our product for any reason, simply ask and we will refund or credit back your money in full (no deduction what so ever).





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Note our software is delivered immediately through Internet. Currently they may not be compatible with Windows Vista. Please test with your software before purchase.

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Download Time for above file (Size- 3.9MB) :-  Modem Speed 14.4KB > 41 Minutes , 33.6KB > 17 Mins, 56KB > 9 Mins, 128K ISDN > 4 Mins, T1/DS1,1.5DSL> 20 Seconds.

After download, when install check Publisher Name is shown as Clicknwrite Pte Ltd to ensure the file is genuine and is not tampered with.

Still thinking ! Download it free and try it out. And if not satisfied send your constructive feedback to improve the word-writer and the publisher may send you the license (the registration key) for  free.


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